The South Carolina Department of Corrections is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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SCDC offers various employment and promotional opportunities statewide:

Health Services
Human Services
Food Service
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Excellent State Benefits
3 weeks Vacation
3 weeks Sick Leave
13 Paid Holidays a year
Police Retirement
Group Health and Dental Insurance
Uniforms Furnished (Food Service & Security)
Training Provided in accordance with
CLEE guidelines (Security)

We are a qualified employer under the
Student Loan Forgiveness Program {SLFP}
Review Fact Sheet for More Information:
SLFP Fact Sheet
How to Apply for Employment with SCDC

Applicants must submit an Application in order to be considered for employment. The SCDC Application may be obtained by clicking on the link above. Once received, the application is entered into the agency's Applicant Referral System and an acknowledgement of receipt is sent to the applicant's home address. The notification will include a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and instructions on how to use the PIN and the Applicant Referral Online System to apply for vacant positions.

Statewide vacant positions are announced every Tuesday and Thursday. These announcements are posted at all SCDC Facilities, local Job Service Offices, and online at SCDC Employment Opportunities.

Required Qualifications

Applicants must meet both the State Minimum and the SCDC Additional requirements for each vacant position except for Correctional Officer/Cadet (see below for the requirements). The State Minimum Requirements are often general to the job classification, while the Agency's Additional requirements often require more education and experience specific to the vacant position.

Open Recruiting Statewide for:

Correctional Officers
Correctional Officers



When applying for these positions, an SCDC Position number is not required. Ensure the title of the position is noted at the top of the application.

SCDC Employment Office
4502 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210
FAX 803-896-1671
E-mail: employment@doc.sc.gov