Click the link below to install the EZ3270 mainframe access software on your PC.
  • A 'File Download' dialog box will appear.  Select "Run this program from it's current location" and click "OK".
  • After the file is downloaded, another dialog box will appear asking "Do you want to install and run "scdcez3270.exe" from".  Click "YES" and the software installation will begin.
  • A dialog box will appear stating "You are about to install EZ3270 for secured mainframe access, provided by SCBCB/OIR".  Click "Setup" and the software will be installed.
  • A "Mainframe Display" icon will be created on your desktop and a shortcut will be added under "Start/Programs/Bluezone" on your start menu.  Either of these shortcuts will start a mainframe session.
  • You must have an active internet connection to use the mainframe access software.  This can be either dial-up, cable modem, or DSL.
  • You MUST type IDMSRM02 to access SCDC systems (as opposed to typing I when on the SCDC network).
  • Keyboard mapping is as follows: right_ctrl=enter, esc=clear, enter=newline, left_ctrl=reset, shift+f1=pf13 - shift+f12=pf24.

Mainframe Access Software Installation