SCDC Employee Policy


ADM-11.01 Employee and Service Provider Identification Cards
ADM-11.02 Employee Grievance and Appeals Procedures
ADM-11.03 Employee Compensation
ADM-11.04 Employee Corrective Action
ADM-11.05 Reduction in Force
ADM-11.06 Employee Performance Management System
ADM-11.07 Employee Political Activity
ADM-11.08 Employee Leave
ADM-11.09 Uniformed Personnel Grooming and Attire Standards
ADM-11.10 Dual Employment
ADM-11.11 Employee Clearance
ADM-11.12 Post/Shift Assignments
ADM-11.13 Employee Recognition and Awards
ADM-11.14 Employee Participation in Academic Course
ADM-11.15 South Carolina Whistleblower Act
ADM-11.16 Employee Wellness Program
ADM-11.17 Employee Conduct
ADM-11.18 Solicitation of Agency Employees
ADM-11.19 Employee Assistance Program
ADM-11.20 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
ADM-11.21 Regular Working Hours and Overtime
ADM-11.23 Temporary Grant/Time Limited Employees
ADM-11.24 State Employee Group Benefits
ADM-11.26 Employee Communications
ADM-11.27 Post Assault Information Resource (PAIR)
ADM-11.28 Applicant Selection Process
ADM-11.29 Employee Records Maintenance and Confidentiality of Information
ADM-11.30 Employee Payroll
ADM-11.31 Position Classification
ADM-11.32 Employee Sexual Harassment
ADM-11.33 Employee Participation in Associations/Conference
ADM-11.34 Employee Inmate Relations
ADM-11.36 Dual Supervision
ADM-11.37 Workplace Violence
ADM-11.38 Employee Deaths, Catastrophic Injuries, and Survivor Assistance
ADM-11.39 Staff Sexual Misconduct with Inmates


GA-03.02 Drugfree Workplace Program