South Carolina Department of Corrections

SCDC Application On-Line

The S. C. Department of Corrections employment application form is now available as a Microsoft Word 97 file.  You can now complete the Department of Corrections employment application and submit it via e-mail.  

(Click on the button below to download the free Word View Plug-in.)  

The Microsoft Word file is password protected, but if you have Microsoft Word 97 you can open the application and applicant skills inventory read only file, fill in the blanks, and save each with a new file name.  Once it is completed and saved, you can attach the completed form to an e-mail and submit it to the Recruiting and Employment Services Branch of the Department of Corrections at  You will be required to sign the application if you are called in for an interview.  

Be absolutely certain that the return address on your e-mail is the one through which you wish to  be contacted in the event there is a problem reading your application.   If you cannot be contacted at the e-mail address indicated, please be sure that your mailing address and telephone number are correct and current.  Due to the nature of internet e-mail, the Department of Corrections cannot guarantee the correct reception of an e-mailed application form. 

SCDC Application Word File

Applicant Skills Inventory Word File

Word View allows you to view the application form and print it to be completed on paper and mailed to the address given on the form. 

If you have questions or problems, please e-mail

Do not send applications or resumes to this address.

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