Customer Services

Procurement staff provides purchasing assistance to agency customers and suppliers who rely on the purchasing staff and its many functions. The Purchasing Branch  provides support services for related topics such as general procurement information, procurement policies and procedures, solicitations, awards, and contract administration.
Ruthie Bishop - Director 803-896-1952
Laurie Branham 803-896-4768
Marsha Coleman 803-896-8533
Myrtle deWerdt 803-896-8582
Brittany Driggers 803-896-1383
Sherri Franklin 803-896-1934
Trina Free 803-896-1950
Tammy Graves 803-896-4396
Megan Leath 803-896-1949
Rebecca Long 803-896-0797
Ernestine Lott-Duncan  803-896-0743
Annie Marsh 803-896-6439
FAX  803-896-1223