GED Wizard

If you have taken the GED Test in South Carolina since January 2002, you may now access and print an unofficial copy of your Score Report using the GED Wizard, a program designed by Oklahoma Scoring Service.
    To Access GED Wizard for Test Scores
  • Go to
  • At "Login To GEDWizard" screen, go to "YES, I Do!"
  • Put in your email address in the following format:
    firstname.lastname.ssn@sc.non  (do not use dashes in ssn)
  • Enter password "ABCSSN"
  • Hit "Logon"
This will take you to the South Carolina Wizard.
Go to the bottom of the page and click on Score Report.
A box will open that asks if you want to OPEN, SAVE, or CANCEL.
Click on OPEN,
Print your Score Report.