Email from Home

Check Outlook E-mail
SCDC Employees who have an assigned SCDC internet email address can access their email and their Microsoft Outlook calendar from home using the internet. To read email sent to your work email address you must have a personal computer with internet access. Accessing your email on the SCDC system from home is referred to as "Remote Access".
  1. Open your Internet browser, connect to the internet, and type in the following web address:
    (NOTE: Do NOT precede this address with "www")
  2. The Microsoft Outlook Web Page will be displayed. The cursor will be located in the Log On box. Type in your full email address in the Log On box and press enter. Example:
  3. The "Enter Network Password" dialog box will be displayed. Type in your network userid and password and click ok.

  1. Response time may vary depending upon your Internet connection speed.
  2. You will view your e–mail and calendar through a web page called Microsoft Outlook Web Access.
It appears slightly different from Microsoft Outlook, but operates the same.

Please contact the Help Desk at 896-1759 or if you have any problems accessing your email from outside SCDC.

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