Sending Money to An Inmate

The South Carolina Department of Corrections operates a cashless system for inmates.  This means that incarcerated individuals are not allowed to have U.S. currency.  Possession of money is a violation of Agency policy and disciplinary action is taken against any inmate found to have money.

However, every inmate in the Department of Corrections has a Cooper Trust Fund Account that allows him/her to make purchases in the institution. The back of the inmate's identification card has a magnetic strip that allows the ID card to function as a debit card to that inmate's Cooper Trust Fund Account.  When the inmate desires to purchase items in the institution, his ID card is "swiped" and the purchase is allowed if there are sufficient funds in the inmate's account to pay for the desired items.

Instructions for sending money orders
Instructions for sending money electronically

How to send money orders to an inmate:
Family members and friends can make deposits into an inmate's Cooper Trust Fund account.  Only U.S. Postal and Western Union money orders will be accepted for deposit into the inmate's account.  The only exception is a Canadian Postal Money Order issued in U.S. Currency.  The guidelines to make such a deposit are provided below. 
The sender must make the money order payable to "Cooper  Trust Fund for Inmate   (name) (SCDC number)       ". A Cooper Trust Fund Deposit Slip (SCDC# 15-14) must accompany the money order.  These forms are available through the inmate, by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to Cooper Trust Fund or can be printed off the internet by clicking
Deposit Slip. The address to receive forms and to make deposits is:

Cooper Trust Fund
P. O. Box 102111
Columbia, SC  29221-5011

It is highly recommended that family members and friends who send money orders use only standard first class mail. Money orders that are sent "next day air" or "overnight express" are not processed any sooner than standard first class mail. No other items will be accepted at this address.  Any items (such as letters, cards, pictures, or checks) that are received will be returned to the sender at the inmate's expense.
How to send money electronically:
Now, friends and family members can send money to an inmate overnight using one of the two money transfer firms listed below. This can be accomplished with cash or credit cards, by phone or via the internet. When you contact either of the transfer agents you will need to know the inmate's name and SCDC number.

Jpay - you must know that the payee is the South Carolina Department of Corrections.
To pay by phone, call: 800-574-JPay (800-574-5729)
To pay by internet, visit:

Western Union - you must know that the payee is the South Carolina Department of Corrections and the Code City/State is SCDOC/SC.
To pay by phone, call: 800-634-3422
To pay by internet, visit:

Please be aware that these firms charge a fee for their service. The inmate will receive notification of each deposit credited to his/her account.  The Cooper Trust Fund can respond to outside inquiries concerning whether a deposit was received, but no information regarding the account balance can be released.  These inquiries may be directed to: