The State of South Carolina has selected Global Tel*Link Corporation as the new Inmate Telephone System Services Provider for the South Carolina Department of Corrections. GTL was selected over its competitors for its industry-leading inmate calling system and communications solutions to provide services to both inmates and families.

The NEW Inmate Telephone System will be implemented at each institution based on the following schedule . . . Tentative Implementation Schedule.   Once an institution is using the new telephone system, the information and procedures pertaining to telephone calls will change and that change is outlined on this page (see below).  However, until an institution actually begins using the new system, all telephone calling procedures will remain the same, as they have been, based on the following informational link . . . Telephone Calls.
    New Rate Structure
    Calls to anywhere in the US will be billed at a single flat rate for 15 minutes, with a discount applied for pre-paid calls:
  • Collect call of up to 15 minutes:   $1.53
  • Pre-Paid call of up to 15 minutes:   $1.29

Telephone Calls

  • Inmates admitted to SCDC will be issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN) within one week of their admission to enable them to place calls as allowed by the institutional schedule.
  • SCDC Form 2-3 "Telephone Privilege Request" will no longer be required with the new inmate telephone system.
  • Inmates are not allowed to call toll free numbers.
  • In order to accept collect calls, your phone account must be current with your local telephone company (not past due).
  • Your local telephone company must have a Billing and Collection agreement with the
    South Carolina Department of Corrections' inmate phone service provider.
  • You must have a non-cordless phone with touch tone service (no rotary dial).
  • Inmate calls to cells phones must be prepaid by the family member
    (please see the FAQ and Brochure Information Links below).
  • To request a refund of any unused pre-paid telephone services with CenturyLink, call (888)664-7839. Refunds will take 4-6 weeks to be processed. All calls and taxes have to be updated after the institution converts to the new telephone system; then the refund can be processed.
  • All calls from inmates will be subject to restrictions, recording, and monitoring.
  • Called parties will continue to have the option to not accept a call, block all future calls from an inmate, or block all future calls from the SC Department of Corrections.

Information Links

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