Until an institution begins using the new telephone system, its Telephone Call procedures and related information will continue to be in effect as follows:

Telephone Calls

Inmate Telephone List
Inmates admitted to SCDC are allowed to list the names, addresses, and phone numbers for up to five people that they wish to call. Approximately two weeks after completing the form, the inmate will be issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and will be temporarily allowed to call these numbers at times allowed by the institutional schedule. After 90 days, the inmate will no longer be able to call these telephone numbers, unless the owner of the telephone number has taken action to be added to the inmate's telephone list. Each inmate is allowed up to 20 phone numbers on his or her list of authorized phone numbers.

To be added to an inmate’s telephone list:

  • You must receive SCDC Form 2–3 "Telephone Privilege Request" from the inmate.
  • You must fill out SCDC Form 2–3 properly, and must send it, along with a copy of the page of your most recent telephone bill that displays the phone number, name, and address of the billed party, to:

                     Inmate Phone Service Provider
                     c/o South Carolina Department of Corrections
                     P.O. Box 21787
                     4444 Broad River Road
                     Columbia, South Carolina 29221–1787

  • Toll free numbers are NOT allowed and will NOT be added to the inmate’s telephone list.
  • After adding your phone number to the inmate’s telephone list, SCDC will give the inmate a copy of the form you submitted to inform the inmate that you can now be called.
  • Your phone account must be current with your local telephone company (not past due).
  • Your local telephone company must have a Billing and Collection agreement with the South Carolina Department of Corrections’ inmate phone service provider.
  • You must have a non–cordless phone with touch tone service (no rotary dial).
  • Cell phone numbers may be added to inmate telephone lists using the SCDC Form 2–3 (Inmate Telephone Privilege Request). Inmate calls to cells phones must be prepaid by the family member (please see "Pre–paid Option Instructions" below). All calls from inmates to family members, using cell phones and/or traditional phones, will be subject to restrictions, recording, and monitoring.

20% Discount with PrePay

Embarq and the S.C. Department of Corrections are making it easier for families to stay in touch with relatives incarcerated in the state’s prisons. Effective immediately, family members can save 20 percent of the cost usually associated with calls from inmates by simply prepaying. To sign up, interested parties can call 1–888–664–7839. The traditional collect calling plan also will remain in place for those who prefer to use it.

FAQ's About PrePay Accounts
FAQ's About Inmate Telephones