FAQs about inmate phones

Why is my number blocked? Call: 1 - 888-664-7839

It may be due to your local phone service provider not having a billing and collection agreement with the South Carolina Department of Corrections' inmate phone service provider.

You may be past due on your local phone bill. If you are overdue on their payment, if you have ever "not paid" a long distance phone bill, or your service has ever been disconnected, you may be restricted from receiving calls.

Is there a credit limit on my account? Call: 1 - 888-664-7839

In the correctional industry, the typical monthly bill can range between $30.00 to $150.00 a month. As a courtesy to guard against fraud, the inmate phone service vendor has established a "courtesy limit" of $200.00. This limit can be raised or lowered, depending upon your needs and payment history.

What do I do if calls are restricted because I have reached my Courtesy Limit?

In order to clear the restriction on your line, your account must be current with your local phone company provider, including all local and correctional collect call charges (this includes collect call charges that may not have shown up on your bill yet).

These charges must be paid in full to your local phone company provider. Once you have made your payment (in full) simply call: 1-888-664-7839 and let them know you have made a payment. They will verify the information with your local provider.

How do I increase my "Courtesy Limit"?

You will need to provide proof of payment for 6 months of service with your local phone provider for correctional collect calls. You may fax, mail or E-mail the copies of the paid bills to:

Fax : 1-913-315-9626

P.O. Box 7907
Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66207-0907

E-Mail to: enpa-cm@embarq.com

What does it mean that my local phone company does not allow Correctional Facility collect calls to be added to my local bill?

Local phone providers may choose not to have a billing and collection agreement with other phone company providers and/or third party billing agents. If they choose not to provide this service, the inmate phone provider has no way to bill you for the calls you have received. Thus, your calls may be restricted until you contact us to make arrangements for PrePay calling.

(Click here to see list of local phone companies that may allow collect calls to be added to the local bill. This list is subject to change on a weekly basis.)

My calls are blocked and my local phone company does not have a billing and collection agreement with South Carolina's inmate phone system provider. What do I do?

As an alternative means for receiving calls from a facility, the inmate phone service provider offers a PrePay Program. To set up a PrePay account and save 20% on phone calls, please call: 1-888-664-7839

Why are my calls suddenly terminated if I am on line with someone from a South Carolina Department of Corrections facility?

If you utilize any phone features from your local provider including, but not limited to:

  • call forwarding
  • 3-way call
  • transfer call
  • remote call
  • cell phone
  • cordless phone
  • if someone picks up the phone in another room during the call,

then your call may be disconnected. No credits will be issued for calls disconnected due to the above reasons. There are security risks with using these technologies and per the South Carolina Department of Corrections' guidelines, these technologies are strictly prohibited.

Why is there such a long hold time on the 888 number?

You may experience long hold times at peak periods of the day. Mondays are typically a peak day. Weekdays at noon and 5:00 P.M. are also peak periods. If you can, try to call at non-peak times and your call may be processed much faster.