Key Personnel by Organization

Contacts by Service Needs

Organizational Chart

Key Personnel by Organization
  Office of the Director  
  Agency Director   Jon Ozmint   803-896-8555
  Executive Assistant   Donna Hodges   803-896-8555
  Office of General Counsel   
  General Counsel   David Tatarsky   803-896-8508
 Governmental Services
  Inmate Grievances   Mary Coleman   803-896-1476
  Policy Development   Vicki Sheedy   803-896-2385
  Office of Inspector General   
  Inspector General   Daniel Murphy   803-896-1844
  Compliance, Standards
  and Inspections
  Blake Taylor   803-896-8502
  Staff Training   Gayle T. Brazell   803-896-1208
  Investigations   Debbie Barnwell   803-896-8507
  Visitation   Alice Mascio   803-896-1844
  Office of Budget & Resource Management
  Director   Glen Franz   803-896-1744
  Director Budget & Finance   Bruce Burnett   803-896-1916
  Director Human Resources   John Near   803-896-1646
  Director Resource & Information
  John Ward   803-896-8526
  Division of Safety and Risk Management
  Acting Director   George Martin   803-896-1628
  Safety Program Manager   Pamela R. Craig   803-896-2806
  Division of Program & Services   
  Director   Gerri Miro   803-896-8550
  Director Education   Wendell Blanton   803-896-1568
  Director Inmate Services   Gary Boyd   803-896-8558
  Director Facilities Management   Daryl Giddings   803-896-8541
  Director Prison Industries   Tony Ellis   803-896-1400
  Director Support Services   Daryl Giddings   803-896-2833
  Director Transportation   Ron McLean   803-896-1209
  Director Victim Services   Barbara Grissom   803-896-1733
  Director Young Offender Services
  Kathy Bryant-  Thompson   803-896-8554
  Division of Medical & Health Services
  Director   Russell H.
  Campbell, Jr.
  Acting Director of Nursing   Linda Dunlap   803-896-2795
  Director of Mental Health
  John Solomon
  Director of Dental Services   Doug McPherson   803-896-8559
  Division of Operations   
  Director   Robert Ward   803-896-8540
  Operations Coordinator   Carl Frederick   803-896-8540
  Operations Coordinator   Jimmy Sligh   803-896-8540
  Director Classification & Inmate   Records   Dennis Patterson   803-896-8551
  Director Security   Michael Sheedy   803-896-1680
Contacts by Service Needs
  Accounts Payable 
  Purchase Orders   803-896-1952
  Payment Inquiry   803-896-1907
  Conducting Research in SCDC
  Requests for Statistics/Computer files   803-896-8526
  Media requests to interview inmates or employees   803-896-8555
  Applying for a job   803-896-1649
  Listing of current openings (Dial-A-Job)   803-896-5070
  Inmate Finance
  Cooper Trust Fund (Central Bank)   803-896-1903
  Inmate Records
  Locating an inmate   803-896-8531
  Detainer Notification   803-896-8531
  Requesting Records   803-896-8531
  Inmate Telephone
  Checking blocks placed on your phone  888-664-7839
  Blocking inmate access to your phone  803-896-1759
  Visitation Inquiry Line   803-896-1838
  Victim/Witness Services
  Automated Victim Notification System (VINE)   1-877-VINE-4SC
  Victim/Witness Registration   1-800-835-0304
  Prison Industries
  Obtaining a catalogue   1-800-922-8121
  Locating industries within the department   803-896-8516