Stevenson Correctional Institution

aerial view of institution

4546 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 896-8575
Warden: David Dunlap
Security: Level 1-B (Male)
Special Mission: Houses general population inmates, a Habilitation unit for mentally retarded inmates, a Special Management Unit, and operates a 90-day Shock Incarceration Program for male offenders between the ages of 17 and 29 who are court-ordered by a sentencing judge.
Education: Literacy, Basic Education, GED preparation, Special Education, Correctional Learning Network, and Lifeskills.
Health Care: Routine medical and dental care provided on Broad River Complex with 24-hour emergency care available.
Programs: Religious services, volunteer services, recreational services, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Junior Achievement, Individual and Group Counseling, Anger Management, and Grief and Loss.
Services: General population inmates provide labor to SCDC Vehicle Maintenance and Car Wash, SCDC Training Academy Cafeteria, SCDC Commissary and uniform Detail, SCDC Central Office Annex, and SCDC Division of Security. Shock inmates provide community services to state agencies.

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