South Carolina Department of Corrections


ADM-11.01, "Employee and Service Provider ID Cards,"
ADM-11.02, "Employee Grievance and Appeals Procedures," March 1, 2008
ADM-11.03, "Employee Compensation," June 1, 2007
ADM-11.04, "Employee Corrective Action," September 1, 2007
ADM-11.05, "Reduction in Force," July  1, 2004
ADM-11.06, "Employee Performance Management System," October 1,2004
ADM-11.07, "Employee Political Activity," July 1, 2004
ADM-11.08, "Employee Leave,"
ADM-11.09, "Uniformed Personnel Grooming and Attire Standards,"January 1, 2012
ADM-11.10, "Dual Employment," July 1, 2004
ADM-11.11, "Employee Clearance,"
ADM-11.12, "Post/Shift Assignments," May 1, 2008
ADM-11.13, "Employee Recognition and Awards"
ADM-11.14, "Employee Participation in Academic Courses," July1, 2004
ADM-11.15, "South Carolina Whistleblower Act," July 1, 2004
ADM-11.16, "Employee Wellness Program," July 1, 2004
ADM-11.17, "Employee Conduct,"
ADM-11.18, "Solicitation of Agency Employees,"
ADM-11.19, "Employee Assistance Program," July 1, 2004
ADM-11.20, "Equal Employment Opportunity and AffirmativeAction"  July 1, 2004
ADM-11.21, "Regular Working Hours and Overtime," January 1,2005
ADM-11.23, "Temporary Grant/Time-Limited Project Employees"
ADM-11.24, "State Employee Group Benefits,"  MAY 1, 2010
ADM-11.26, "Employee Communications," July 1, 2004
ADM-11.27, "Post Assault Information Resource Assistance(PAIR)," October 1, 2005
ADM-11.28, "Applicant Selection Process,"
ADM-11.29, "Employee Record Maintenance and Confidentiality ofInformation" July 1, 2004
ADM-11.30, "Employee Payroll"
ADM-11.31, "Position Classification"
ADM-11.32, "Sexual Harrassment,"  March 1, 2008
ADM-11.33, "Employee Participation inAssociations/Conferences," July 1, 2004
ADM-11.34, "Employee-Inmate Relations," June 1, 2005
ADM-11.36, "Dual Supervision"
ADM-11.37, "Workplace Violence,"
ADM-11.38, "Employee Deaths, Catastrophic Injuries, andSurvivor...,"
ADM-11.39, "Staff Sexual Misconduct with Inmates," July 1, 2004
ADM-12.01, "Procurement of Supplies and Services," April 1, 2007
ADM-12.02, "Procurement of State Surplus Property," March 21, 2014
ADM-12.03, "Development and Management of Agency Budget"
ADM-12.05, "Accounting Practices and Control, April 17, 2015"
ADM-12.06, "Employee Bonding and Liability Insurance, April 17, 2015" 
ADM-13.01, "Requests for New Construction, Renovation, ...,"November 1, 2005
ADM-13.02, "Recurrent Painting"
ADM-13.03, "Decor Requirements in the SCDC," March 1, 2008
ADM-13.04, "Energy Consumption, Management, and Conservation"
ADM-13.05, "Capital Improvements,"October 1, 2009
ADM-13.06, "Asbestos Inspection and Abatement" May 6, 2015
ADM-13.07, "MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS, " January 1, 2006
ADM-13.08, "Drug and Alcohol Testing of Comm....,March 1, 2008"
ADM-13.09, "Maintenance of the William D. Leeke Building and Annex Buildings," 
ADM-15.01, "Repayment of Costs by Inmates,"
ADM-15.02, "Telephone Use"
ADM-15.03, "Processing Requests for Automated Applications,Audiovisual Equipment, and Communications Equipment," January 17, 2014
ADM-15.04, "Travel Regulations for SCDC Employees,"January 1, 2008
ADM-15.05, "Security of and Access to Information Technology"
ADM-15.06, "Special Funds Accounts"
ADM-15.07, "Research Conducted Within the SCDC," September 1, 2012
ADM-15.08, "CELLULAR TELEPHONE USE,"October 1, 2010
ADM-15.09, "GRANT MANAGEMENT", September 1, 2006
ADM-15.10, "Work Release Accounting," 
ADM-15.11, "Petty Cash Funds," 
ADM-15.12, "E.H. Cooper Trust Fund,"
ADM-15.13, "Inmate Pay," June 3, 2014
ADM-15.14, "E-Mail Retention, Backup, And Archival," April 11, 2014
ADM-15.15, "Moveable Fixed Assets Accounting Practices"
ADM-16.01, "Vermin and Pest Control," April 1, 2007
ADM-16.02, "Inmate Barbering and Hair Care Services," November 1, 2006
ADM-16.03, "Occupational Safety and Health Program," March 1, 2006
ADM-16.04, "Distribution of Employee Uniforms"
ADM-16.05, "Food Services Operations," September 1, 2004
ADM-16.06, "TOBACCO-FREE ENVIRONMENT," January 1, 2008
ADM-16.07, "Agency Recycling Program," DRAFT
ADM-16.08, "Commissary Operations"
ADM-16.09, "Exposure Control Plan (Bloodborne Pathogens),"April 1, 2006
ADM-16.10, "Surplus Property Disposal,"October 1, 2009
ADM-16.11, "Canteen Operations"
ADM-16.12, "Management of Agriculture Farm Lands and Programs,"
ADM-16.13, "Horticulture Services,"
ADM-16.14, "Vending Machines," April 1, 2007
ADM-17.01, "Employee Training Standards," April 1, 2006
ADM-17.02, "Continuing Law Enforcement Education Standards (CLEE),"February 1, 2007
ADM-17.03, Administration of Agency Training Programs, February 1, 2007
ADM-17.04, "Firearms Training Requirements," January 1, 2002
ADM-17.06, "Training Advisory Councils," November 1, 2007
ADM-17.07, "Training Requirements for Emergency Response Teams" October 1, 2012
ADM-17.09, "Telecommuting
GA-01.01, "Policies/Procedures and Forms,"
GA-01.03, "Inmate Access to the Courts"
GA-01.07, "Access to the General Counsel," January 1, 2003
GA-01.08, "Military Selective Service Act and Gun Control Act of1968,"  January 1, 2003
GA-01.10, "Defense of Indigents," April 1, 2003
GA-01.12, "Inmate Grievance System," May 12, 2014
GA-01.13, "Duty to Warn," September 1, 2007
GA-02.01, "Employee and Inmate Relations with News Media, Legislators, andOthers," March 1, 2013
GA-02.03, "Public Awareness Programs," 
GA-02.04, "Freedom of Information Act,"  June 1, 2004
GA-02.07, "Cooperation with Other Criminal Justice Agencies,"May 1, 2003
GA-02.08, "Employee Appearance Before a Parole Board,"June 1, 2006
GA-03.01, "Inspections of Local Detention Facilities" September 1, 2006
GA-03.02, "Drugfree Workplace Program," June 1, 2007
GA-03.03, "Inmate Drug Testing/Screening Program," February 1, 2005
GA-03.04, "Zero Tolerance," July 1, 2004
GA-04.01, "Strategic Planning,"
GA-04.02, "Employee Contributed Funds" 9/1/2000
GA-04.03, "Internal Audits,"  July 1, 2004
GA-06.01, "Management Reviews" October 1, 2005
GA-06.03, "Social Networking,"
GA-06.04, "Request To Staff Member,"
GA-06.06, "Quality Assurance"
GA-06.09, "Care and Custody of Transgender Inmates and Inmates Diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria"
GA-06.10, "HIPAA Admnistrative, Technical, and Physical Safeguards"
HS-18.01, "Specialized Health Services Programs," September 1, 2008
HS-18.02, "Emergency Care," November 1, 2006
HS-18.04, "Inmate Death," July 1, 2008
HS-18.05, "Sick Call and Dental Health,"June 1, 2007
HS-18.07, "Inmate Health Information," November 1, 2005
HS-18.09, "Institutional Health Care AuthorityResponsibilities," October 1, 2005
HS-18.10, "Security and Maintenance of Medical..." November 1, 2006
HS-18.11, "Medical Vs. Security Considerations," October 1, 2007
HS-18.12, "Informed Consent"
HS-18.13, "Health Screening and Exams," May 1, 2008
HS-18.15, "Levels of Care,"  Novemeber 1, 2007
HS-18.16, "Pharmaceuticals," August 1, 2006
HS-18.17, "Medical Copayment," June 1, 2007
HS-18.18, "Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Protection Program," October 1, 2005
HS-18.19, "Refusal of Medical Care," May 1, 2006
HS-19.04, "Mental Health Services - General Provisions"
HS-19.05, "Mental Health Services - Treatment Plans and Treatment Team Meetings"
HS-19.06, "Mental Health Services - Disciplinary Detention for Inmates Classified as Mentally Ill"
HS-19.07, "Mental Health Services - Continuous Quality Management (CQM)"
HS-19.09, "Hepatitis C,"
HS-19.10, "Mental Health Services - Behavioral Management Unit (BMU)"
HS-19.11, "Mental Health Services - Reception and Evaluation: Mental Health Screening, Evaluation, and Classification"
HS-19.12, "Mental Health Services - Intermediate Care Services (ICS)"
HS-19.13, "Mental Health Services - Gilliam Psychiatric Hospital (GPH)"
HS-19.14, "Mental Health Services - Inmate Health Records General Guidelines"
HS-19.15, "Mental Health Services - Mental Health Training"
HS-19.16, "Mental Health Services - Medication Assisted Treatment Program Delivery Protocol"
OP-20.02, "Transportation Management,"  July 1, 2008
OP-20.03, "Central Bus Terminal," February 1, 2005
OP-21.02, "Inmates Paroled to Immigration and Customs EnforcementDetainers," JULY 1, 2004
OP-21.03, "Interstate Corrections Compact," November 1, 2004
OP-21.04, "Inmate Classification Plan"
OP-21.05, "Designated Facility Inmate Assignments andTransfers," April 1, 2006
OP-21.06, "Inmate Identification Cards,"
OP-21.07, "Earned Work Credits" 
OP-21.08, "Contracted Labor Crews"
OP-21.09, "Inmate Records Plan"
OP-21.10, "Agency Records Management," November 1, 2003
OP-21.11, "Loss of Statutory Good Time," May 1, 2004
OP-21-12, "Prevention, Detection, and Response to Sexual Abuse/Sexual Harassment,"
OP-22.03, "Authorized Inmate Property and Disposition, " February 1, 2007
OP-22.08, "Controlled Inmate Movement," JULY 1, 2008
OP-22.09, "Inmate Visitation,"
OP-22.13, "Inmate Grooming Standards," November 1, 2006
OP-22.14, "Inmate Disciplinary System,"
OP-22.15, "Inmate Governance," November 8, 2013
OP-22.16, "DEATH ROW"
OP-22.19, "Searches of Inmates,"November 1, 2006
OP-22.20, "Searches of Employees, Volunteers, and Vendors,"
OP-22.21, "Institutional Correctional Officer...," July 1, 2004
OP-22.23, "Statewide Protective Custody" 
OP-22.24, "Post Orders" 
OP-22.28, "Game Management, on SCDC Property,"
OP-22.31, "Color Guard/Honor Guard," October 1, 2007
OP-22.35, "Contraband Control," February 1, 2004
OP-22.36, "Damage, Destruction, and Abuse of Property" August 1, 2007
OP-22.38, "Restrictive Housing Unit,"
OP-22.38B, "Step-Down Program (SDP)"
OP-22.39, "Young Offender Parole and Reentry Services (YOPRS)"
OP-22.40, "Holding Cells,"
PS-08.01, "Mandatory Educational Attendance Program," July 1,2001
PS-08.02, "Educational Administration,"
PS-08.03, "Special Education and Title One Educational Programs,"
PS-08.04, "Library Services,"
PS-08.05, "Vocational Education,"
PS-08.06, "Educational Programs," March 1, 2010
PS-09.01, "Correctional Industries" September 1, 2003
PS-10.02, "Inmate Substance Abuse Programs" 
PS-10.03, "Inmate Representative Committee," January 1, 2008
PS-10.04, "Volunteer Services Programs"
PS-10.05, "Inmate Religion"
PS-10.06, "Inmate Hobbycraft Program," 
PS-10.07, "Inmate Recreation Services"
PS-10.08, "Inmate Correspondence Privileges" 
PS-10.10, "SCDC Hospice Program,"March 1, 2002
PS-10.11, "Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) August 1, 2003
PS-10.12, "Shock Incarceration," April 1, 2004
PS-10.14, "Inmate Reentry Program, " June 1, 2004
PS-10.16, "Animal Based Programs" 
SK-22.02, "Safekeepers,"