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Top Leaders Up to the Task

Dr. Randy ReaganThe Palmetto Unified School District is now fully staffed with top-level personnel. Dr. Randy Reagan is the new Superintendent of Education for the District. Dr. Reagan assumed the post in June of this year coming from a background in educational leadership in both Sumter and Greenville counties. Dr. Reagan is known for his emphasis on excellence in all aspects of education and for his commitment to the District’s mission of increasing the life, vocational, and academic skills of all students for their successful re-entry into their communities.
Mr. Weyland Burns and Ms. Pamela Burnett Along with Dr. Reagan, Mr. Weyland Burns and Ms. Pamela Burnett have joined the District as Associate Superintendent of Vocational Programs and Associate Superintendent of Academic Programs respectively. Both of them are veteran educators with blue-chip credentials. We welcome them to the District and look forward to serving with them to provide the best opportunities possible for the students in our schools.
PUSD Newsletter Helps Build Identity
The Leadership Team for the Palmetto Unified School District (PUSD) wants to create an awareness across the state of the Mission of the District. One way of achieving this goal is to publish a monthly newsletter. The name of the paper is the Patriot Banner.The publication will inform all stakeholders of District services. PUSD stakeholders include District employees, Agency employees, District students, and other public and private entities.
The newsletter’s title, Patriot Banner, relates to the District’s name, the Palmetto Unified School District. The Palmetto symbolizes the spirit of the people of South Carolina in the Revolutionary War as we played a major role in establishing a new nation. The soldiers who fought in the War were known as Patriots; therefore, in the spirit of the people of the State, the newsletter received its name.
The publication will include information from across the District, the State, and the Nation that is pertinent to our educational setting. District personnel may send appropriate material for publication in the newsletter.
PUSD is moving forward and the newsletter will keep everyone abreast of what is happening and how to be a part of the action.
2007 Report Card Rates "Excellent" Sixth Year in a Row
PSUD’s performance in helping students to improve scores on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) and to increase the number of Graduate Equivalency Diplomas (GEDs) again gave the District a rating of "Excellent" from the State Department of Education (SDE) on the 2007 School report card. A rating of "Excellent" means the District’s students substantially exceeded the standards for progress toward the 2010 South Carolina Performance Goals. The District has an enrollment of 2,897 students in grades 9-12. The average gain on TABE grade equivalency was 1.17 and the GED passage rate was 86 percent. On the merit of the school report card, the District has received the coveted Palmetto Gold Award every year since 2002.
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The Palmetto Unified School District is located within the Division of Education at:
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