Inmate Services

Mission Statement

The Division of Inmate Services is committed
to the enhancement of existing and
the development of new institutional programs and services.

Our mission is accomplished
by working with the Agency's employees and volunteers
by creating partnerships with other entities, and
by protecting all three areas of the Agency's Mission Statement.

Functional Statement

The Division of Inmate Services is a
multifaceted component consisting of ten disciplines.

Our charge is to provide programs and services
to the Agency's institutions in the areas of
Hospice and Palliative Care,
Inmate Representative Committees,
Pastoral Care Services,
Recreational and Wellness Programs,
Volunteer Services,
Self-Paced In Class Education (SPICE)


To provide offenders with meaningful educationally based and life skill programs through each discipline.

To provide offenders with the tools and skills that will enable them to return to the community as a well rounded citizen.

To evaluate the effectiveness of each discipline as it relates to the needs of the Agency, the community, and the inmate population.