Pastoral Care Services

Mission Statement

Provide for the religious needs of inmates.

Functional Statement

SCDC employs chaplains to protect the rights of inmates who wish to practice their faith. Presently there are 36 institutional chaplains that provide service in the areas of worship, religious education, and pastoral counseling. These services are provided to inmates of various faiths; including Christians, Muslims, Rastafarians, Buddhists, Wiccans, Native Americans, and Jewish. Additionally, two Muslim chaplains are employed to provide service to over 1500 inmates.

Current Projects

  • Developing a reporting system that is paperless through the Lighthouse Program.
  • Developing a Wicca study course for inmates by volunteers who will also lead the course.
  • Native American Prison Program to locate inmates who are Native American. Identify and train Native American clergy representatives who can provide clergy visits and other needed services.
  • Developing a training program for the inmate Muslim coordinators.

Five Year Plan

  • Conform to the provisions of ACA Standards and SCDC Policy as it relates to staffing.
  • Restore the Clinical Pastoral Education program, which includes a Director of CPE, and five intern chaplains. The CPE Director would serve as associate branch chief.
  • Partner with faith-based community organizations to develop a foundation that can help support the overall Pastoral Services Branch.
  • Enhance our relationship with the Carolina Chaplaincy Program (CCP).