Division of Industries

The Division of Industries serves the Department of Corrections and the State of South Carolina by employing and training inmates. This training oriented work allows the inmates to return to society with skills that will enable them to become useful and productive citizens. In pursuit of this objective, the cost of incarceration is offset through inmate wages, and quality products and services are provided to qualified businesses and organizations at substantial savings. Three programs operate within the Division of Industries: Traditional, Service and Prison Industry Enhancement (PIE).
The Traditional Program
Inmates working within the Traditional Program manufacture case goods such as desks, credenzas, bookcases, mattresses, seating, office modular systems, signs, name plates and picture framing. These items are sold to state, county and municipal offices, school districts, and nonprofit organizations. Industries also offers comprehensive printing services to a wide range of customers. The purchase of all new equipment in the ‘quick copy’ center provides improved quality and service at reduced cost.
The Service Program
In the Service Program, inmates rebuild/reupholster furniture for both public and private sector customers, participate in various textile recyling projects, plant tree seedlings and manufacture vehicle license plates for the State of South Carolina. Service work is not original equipment manufacturing and inmate wages can be negotiated with private sector companies since it does not fall under Federal Minimum Wage requirements. Inmates earn from $.35 to $1.80 per hour. Donated computers are recycled and upgraded for distribution to local school districts.
The Prison Industry Enhancement (PIE) Program
Under the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP), the U.S. Department of Justice - Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) certifies that the prison industry program meet all the necessary requirements to be exempt from federal restrictions on prisoner-made goods in interstate commerce. The program places inmates in realistic work environments, pays them prevailing wages, and gives them a chance to develop marketable skills that will increase their potential for rehabilitation and meaningful employment on release.

Approximately 1,200 inmates are work in an industry in the South Carolina Department of Corrections. These programs are completely self-supporting, providing valuable training for the inmates while generating funding for the Agency. Inmates employed in these programs also contribute to victim's programs, family support, room & board and pay state and federal taxes.

You can contact Prison Industries at scdcpi.custserv@doc.state.sc.us for additional information, or by calling 803-896-8516 in the Columbia area or 1-800-922-8121 in South Carolina.

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