Short Term Offender Program (STOP)

The Short Term Offender Program (STOP) at Broad River Correctional Institution in Columbia, South Carolina is for male inmates entering the Department of Corrections with sentences of a year or less. Inmates in the STOP program are given opportunities for transitional, pre-release and educational services designed to address the needs of offenders that have shorter sentences. STOP also provides practical and useful life skills training developed to reintegrate offenders back into the society. All short term offenders are required to work in the program to develop their skills for reentry into the community.

South Carolina Department of Corrections has formed partnerships with other agencies, faith-based groups & community organizations to provide inmates in the program with meaningful services and opportunities.

Special Needs & Transitional Programming Offered:
Corrections Learning Network(CLN)
This is a satellite distance learning program that offers transition and employment preparation programming to offenders in the STOP program. STOP utilizes community volunteers and peer tutors to help deliver the CLN programs.
Faith Based Community Groups (Local Churches, Prison Fellowship, etc.)
These groups provide counseling, study groups, spiritual awareness and reentry training.
Community Impact of Crime Classes
These are community sponsored counseling and workshop sessions (NA/AA Substance Abuse, Criminal Domestic Violence, Fatherhood/Parenting Classes, etc.).
Vocational Rehabilitation Services
SCDC has formed a partnership with SC Vocational Rehabilitation Services to provide vocational services to eligible inmates to better prepare them for reentry into the workplace. Through training, counseling and programs Vocational Rehabilitation Services assist & empower eligible inmates to achieve and maintain meaningful employment.
Educational Opportunities
The Short Term Offender Program (STOP) has enjoyed a partnership with local Adult Education Programs. Through a grant, they offer the following opportunities at STOP: Pre-GED, GED, Reading Program, Special Literacy Program and Career Readiness (Work Keys) program.