South Carolina Department of Corrections

Report of Fines and Fees
pursuant to Proviso 117.81

117.81.  (GP: Fines and Fees Report) In order to promote accountability and transparency, each state agency must provide and release to the public via the agency's website, a report of all aggregate amounts of fines and fees that were charged and collected by that state agency in the prior fiscal year. The report shall include, but not be limited to: (1) the code section, regulation, or proviso that authorized the fines and fees to be charged, collected, or received; (2) the amount received by source; (3) the purpose for which the funds were expended by the agency; (4) the amount of funds transferred to the general fund, if applicable, and the authority by which the transfer took place; and (5) the amount of funds transferred to another entity, if applicable, and the authority by which the transfer took place, as well as the name of the entity to which the funds were transferred. The report must be posted online by September first. Additionally, the report must be delivered to the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee by September first. Funds appropriated to and/or authorized for use by each state agency shall be used to accomplish this directive.

Medical Expenses
 (CORR: Medical Expenses) The Department of Corrections shall be authorized to charge inmates a nominal fee for any medical treatment or consultation provided at the request of or initiated by the inmate. A nominal co-pay shall be charged for prescribed medications. Inmates shall not be charged for psychological or mental health visits.

Work Release Transportation Fee
 (CORR: Work Release Transportation Fee) The South Carolina Department of Corrections is authorized to charge a $4.00 per-day transportation fee to participants in the work release program only when such transportation is provided by the department. Monies collected shall be credited to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, and utilized solely to fund transportation of work release participants and vehicle replacement for the work release program.

Section 23-3-670.
 Cost of collection supplies for processing samples; processing fees. (A) The cost of collection supplies for processing a sample pursuant to this article must be paid by the general fund of the State. A person who is required to provide a sample pursuant to this article, upon conviction, pleading guilty or nolo contendere, or forfeiting bond, must pay a two hundred fifty dollar processing fee which may not be waived by the court. However:
     (1)  if the person is incarcerated, the fee must be paid before the person
            is paroled or released from confinement and may be garnished from
            wages the person earns while incarcerated; and
     (2)  if the person is not sentenced to a term of confinement, payment of the
            fee must be a condition of the person's sentence and may be paid in
            installments if so ordered by the court.
(B) The processing fee assessed pursuant to this section must be remitted to the general fund of the State and credited to the State Law Enforcement Division to offset the expenses SLED incurs in carrying out the provisions of this article.