research conducted within the scdc

The South Carolina Department of Corrections recognizes the importance and supports cooperative corrections research. The Agency may allow individuals to conduct research within the SCDC provided it does not infringe upon an inmate’s or employee’s right to privacy, does not jeopardize Agency operations or security, does not incur undue, unjustifiable or excessive costs, and does not impose an unreasonable burden on staff resources.  Subsequent to general project approval, SCDC reserves the right to limit staff involvement in research projects as required to meet SCDC mission critical responsibilities.  Research conducted within the Agency must conform to all applicable ACA/CAC standards, state and federal statutes/regulations, and SCDC policies/procedures. (4-ACRS-7D-12, 3-4105, 3-4108)

To ensure that research projects conducted within the SCDC are in compliance with Agency policies/procedures and applicable regulations and statutes, any person wishing to conduct research within the SCDC, to include Agency employees, will be required to submit a research proposal to the Division Director of Resource and Information Management (RIM). The SCDC may give first priority to research projects that provide information that may enhance the effectiveness of Agency programs and operations.  Research that contributes to the body of knowledge in the social and behavioral sciences may also be encouraged. (3-4105)

To learn more about the procedures for conducting research within the Agency, please review SCDC Policy/Procedure ADM-15.07 (Research Conducted Within The SCDC).