Get Started / Vendor Registration

Individuals or businesses desiring to do business with the Department of Corrections need to provide to the Purchasing Branch  the following information: A written narrative, company profile or business literature fully describing the product or services being offered to the Department;  the names and company titles of the individual(s) who will be following-up on the account, telephone and FAX numbers; and references of accounts that are currently being supported by your company.

For the purposes of establishing a vendor record, vendors are required to furnish a Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN) or social security number. This information shall be submitted on a W9 Form which can be retrieved from the Internal Revenue Service's Available Forms Page

Vendor information submissions should be sent to the SC Department of Corrections, Purchasing Branch, P. O. Box 21787, Columbia, SC 29221, or by FAX to (803) 896-1223, or by e-mail to