Division of Victim Services Staff

South Carolina Department of Corrections
Post Office Box 21787
Columbia, South Carolina 29221
(803) 896-1733 or toll-free 1-800-835-0304

poster for child victims
Karin Ho, Director
Email: ho.karin@doc.sc.gov
     -Victim Inquiries
     -Special Requests
     -Assistance During Executions
     -SAVIN Program
     -Victim Offender Dialogue Program (VOD)

Portia Quiller, Program Coordinator
Email: quiller.portia@doc.sc.gov
     -Victim Inquiries
     -Special Requests
     -Victim Registration & Notification
     -Sexually Violent Predator Act Inquiries

Sharon Gaddist, Special Programs Manager
Email: gaddist.sharon@doc.sc.gov
     -Young Offender Parole & Reentry Services Liaison
     -Victim Wraparound Program
     -Victim Offender Dialogue Program (VOD)
     -Victim Inquiries
     -Victim Registration & Notification
poster for children's justice
(Vacant), Programs Coordinator
     -Impact of Crime Program
     -Violence Prevention Program
     -Apology Letter Program
     -Speakers' Bureau
     -Victim Inquiries

Rebekah Crider, Program Coordinator
Email: crider.rebekah@doc.sc.gov
     -Victim Registration
     -Victim Inquiries
     -Victim Address Updates
     -Release Notifications
     -Sexually Violent Predator Act Notifications

Mary Coleman, Administrative Specialist
Email: coleman.mary@doc.sc.gov
     -Victim Registration
     -Victim Inquiries
     -Victim Address Updates
     -Release Notifications

Janice Greene, Administrative Assistant
Email: greene.janice@doc.sc.gov
     -Victim Registration
     -Victim Inquiries
     -Victim Address Updates
     -Release Notifications

Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification Program

SAVIN Program web page: savin.sc.gov

Sherry Rhodes, Manager
Email: rhodes.sherry@doc.sc.gov
     -Directs SAVIN Program
     -Technical assistance to Detention Centers, prison camps, city jails, SCDC, SCDPPPS,
      and SCDJJ
     -Provides Training
     -Public Speaking Engagements

(Vacant), SAVIN Administrative Assistant
     -Training scheduling, documentation and assistance
     -Promotional material
     -Tracking and managing purchases
     -Victim registration & notification
     -Victim address updates

Critical Incident Stress Management Program (CISM)

Innocent Ntiasagwe, Program Administrator
Email: ntiasagwe.innocent@doc.sc.gov
     -Directs CISM Program
     -Provides clinical support and guidance
     -Provides direct services to staff who have experienced trauma
     -Provides training
     -Designs and directs CISM related research project
     -Collaborates with SCLEAP to provide services to staff

Ramona Douglass, Program Manager
Email: douglass.ramona@doc.sc.gov
     -Coordinates CISM services, activities, and functions
     -Provides training
     -Develops CISM related research
     -Coordinates Post Critical Incident Seminars (PCIS) for the agency
     -Coordinates with SCLEAP to provide services to staff

(VACANT), CISM Administrative Assistant
     -Answers and monitors CISM telephone calls
     -Maintains CISM data
     -Tracks and manages CISM purchases and budget
     -Schedules and maintains CISM training documentation
     -Monitors and documents all CISM activities