Employee Wellness

MUSC Health Virtual Urgent Care
Telemedicine virtual visits from MUSC. No charge for those with the State Health Plan, or $20 for SCDC employees who are not covered by the State Health Plan.

A New Telehealth Option for 2020

For employees covered by the State Health Plan:
       Create an MUSC Account (State Health Plan)

For employees covered by other insurance plans:
       Create an MUSC Account (Other insurance plans)
       MUSC Account FAQs
       MUSC Information Flyer

After signup, start a virtual visit: MUSChealth.org/virtual-care

SCDC employees who have previously created an MUSC Health Virtual Urgent Care account must update their benefit group in order to receive this service at no cost!

How to change your benefit group:

If you already have an MUSC Virtual Care account that is associated with a different benefit group (e.g. SCDC), you will need to associate it with the State Health Plan to receive this benefit at no charge.

To change or add your benefit group, simply log in, then:
  • Select "Profile & History"
  • Select "Edit Profile"
  • Scroll down to find the "Group benefit" section
  • Click the drop down arrow then choose State Health Plan
  • Enter your Subscriber (insurance member) ID
  • Select "Update Profile" at the bottom of the page to save your entry
Your profile is now updated with the new (no cost) pricing.

If you have dependents on your account, be sure to follow the same step within each dependent's profile.

Prisma eVisit
Get easy, affordable access to a Prisma (Palmetto Health) care provider from your mobile device or computer. Only $20.

Website: https://prismahealth.org/services/virtual-care/evisit
Prisma eVisit Flyer

Free Health Screening
Great News for State Employees With Health Coverage!!!

As an employee with state benefits through PEBA (Public Employee Benefit Authority), you can now receive a free health screening (a $350.00 value) at local doctor's offices around South Carolina (Doctors Care and others) with a printed Screening Voucher (Screening Voucher).

You are also able to receive free flu shots, free shingles shot, and a number of free generic drugs (drugs to treat high blood pressure and diabetes drugs as well as diabetes testing supplies) (Generic Copay Waiver).

You may access the sites by clicking on the links in parentheses as noted on this webpage or visit the Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) website for additional Wellness Benefits (Wellness Benefits).

Belinda Jones
Administrative Coord I/Wellness Coordinator
Division of Human Resources
(803) 896-8522