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The Division of Victim Services
The South Carolina Department of Corrections is serious about its commitment to crime victims. What may distinguish the South Carolina Department of Corrections from other corrections-based victim notification programs is that the concept of victim services permeates the entire agency. The victim emphasis is pervasive in all agency decision making and program implementation activities. Several examples are provided next that illustrate how victims have been included in departmental decisions and activities.
Murder Wall — Honoring the memories of murder victims

Domestic Violence Assistance
Service for Crime Victims / Inmate Status Inquiries
Register for Notification
Special Projects
Special Requests
Victim Speakers Bureau
Workplace Stalking

Services for Crime Victims / Inmate Status Inquiries
South Carolina VINE
Victim Information and Notification Everyday
This automated inquiry service is free and available to the public. Crime victims and concerned citizens can call this toll-free telephone number anytime to find an offender's current location and projected release dates. Crime victims can register to receive notifications concerning a particular offender by calling the Division of Victim Services, toll-free, at 1-800-835-0304. The automated service is available in both English and Spanish, and callers can search for an offender by using the offender number*, the SID number, or by using the offender's name. Additionally, operators are always available to help callers.
*The offender number is also called the SCDC Number or the Inmate Number.

Register For Notification
Click here to read important information regarding victim registration and the importance of registering for notification. Please call the Division of Victim Services at 803-896-1733 or
1-800-835-0304, and have a form mailed to you. Unfortunately, we do not currently support online victim registration, but we are working to have this option available in the future.

Special Projects
SCDC Awards Grants To South Carolina Victim Service Providers
SCDC Aids In The Search For Missing Kids
SCDC Inmates Now Contributing More Dollars To Benefit Victims
Special Requests
The Division of Victim Services handles all special requests by those victims of crime who are registered with the Agency. Types of special requests include, but are not limited to, requests to block personal telephone numbers from being dialed by inmates and also requests to block inmates from sending unwanted mail.
Complaints are received and acted on. All inquiries are answered by telephone or letter. The installation of a toll-free telephone line provides easier access to the agency for victims and their families. Whatever the question, concern or fear is, victims are encouraged to call the toll-free number to talk directly with a victim advocate.

Victim Speakers Bureau
The Impact of Crime Program is in need of speakers. If you or a loved one are a victim of crime and would like to share your story, please contact Victim Services,

For more information, contact:
Division of Victims Services
South Carolina Department of Corrections
P. O. Box 21787
Columbia, South Carolina 29221
(803) 896-1733 or 1-800-835-0304