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Kenneth L. James – PREA Coordinator
4444 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210
Phone: 803.896.6436

Report sexual abuse or sexual harassment of an inmate by clicking here
Anyone can write to SLED to make a report of sexual abuse inside a correctional institution in South Carolina
(You may choose to remain anonymous)
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These webpages have been developed to provide information regarding inmate sexual abuse and sexual harassment, explaining how SCDC is working to provide an environment that is safe from sexual assault/sexual harassment.

POLICY STATEMENT: Pursuant to the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) has a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse and sexual harassment against inmates in correctional facilities, or patients confined in prisons or jails. The SCDC will identify and monitor those inmates who are vulnerable to sexual abuse and those who have a propensity to commit such acts and ensure that they are separated from each other. All persons who have contact with inmates will receive training on Agency sexual abuse and sexual harassment policies, including reporting procedures, the dynamics of sexual abuse in confinement, and how to detect and respond to signs of abuse. All inmates will receive orientation on their rights to be free from sexual abuse and sexual harassment and will be made aware of the procedures available to them for reporting acts of sexual abuse. The Agency will fully investigate all allegations and will take appropriate action pursuant to the outcome of the investigations.